Junior League September 2014

See details below regarding start of League for September 2014. We will be starting with a competition on Sunday 21st see below for start times of different age groups

Junior League Sept 2014


Academy Results June 2014

Autumn A League 2014

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Junior League Groups April 2014

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Junior League 2014 Membership Form
Membership Form 2014
Membership Form Page 2

New Junior League 2014 Group Colours and Start Times

  • Check your Group, group colour, and start time in file above
  • Please be in your wetsuit 15 mins before your start time
  • Parents of young children must stay with or near their kids at all times and assist with putting on/off wetsuits.

Important: Water is still very cold, please ensure winter wetsuits are worn!!

Time in water may vary depending on conditions.


Junior league Info and Tips
Junior league info and tips

Membership forms have to be filled in by everybody inc lifetime members(for ISA dues…€15) prior to startup. No memberships taken on the day! Download membership forms above or pickup at surf centre. We have a drop box to collect all forms at centre.

Last years Junior League 2013 Final Day

Sunday 23 June 2013, International Surfing Day, was celebrated in style by the T-Bay Surf Club in Tramore, the largest surf club in Ireland.  It coincided with the final day of Spring Series of the Doolys Junior Surf League which T-Bay and it’s large team of volunteer coaches has been running since late March this year.



The surf conditions on the day were testing with a 2/3 foot swell and very strong offshore winds from the North West. Nevertheless over 170 inveterate young surfers braved these difficult conditions with their usual enthusiasm and enjoyment.

The Junior League is divided into seven levels with under 12 and over 12 at each level and caters for a wide range of skills and abilities. These include the youngest Level 1 (White) group  who deserve special mention  for their incredible commitment through near Arctic conditions at the beginning of the season, to this last session where their obvious enthusiasm and surfing ability was exciting to observe. The Level 6 (Orange / Blue) all girl surfers have improved dramatically over this series and are really putting pressure on the Academy surfers (level 7) who should be looking anxiously over their shoulders when the next Surf Contests take place.

The Academy is a tight knit group of young surfers who are being hot-housed by coaches Pat Cunningham and Hugh O’Brien Moran. Some of these have launched themselves onto the National and International surf stage and we expect to see a number more making a name for themselves in upcoming surf contests. Many of these are going to represent Ireland at a European event in Portugal in July.



This end of Series event was marked by a prize giving with all the young surfers getting the new ‘retro’ T-Bay tee-shirt. There were individual prizes given as follows ; Academy Girls : Rachael Moore, and Holly Widger. Academy Boys; Samuel Moore, and David Hartley. Level 6 ; Evan Trainor.  Level 5 ; Patrick Cooke. Level 4 ; Bill Condon. Level 3 ; Jake Smith. Level 2 ; Hugo Deegan. Level 1 ; Sarah Grace Breen.


In keeping with community spirit associated with T-Bay Surf Club there was a Bar-B-Que to celebrate the final day with the proceeds going towards the purchase of a defibrillator for T-Bay Club House. The event was sponsored by Doolys Fish & Chips and drinks were provided by Vit Hit. The Bar-B-Que and event itself could not have happened without the voluntary services of Pat Hartley, his team of volunteers and all those who assisted on the Day.


The Junior Surf League will return in the autumn when the T-Bay  crew of over 25 volunteer coaches, and a dedicated team of helpers,  will once again put these budding young surfers through a carefully structured and organised system of surf sessions and contests.

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Surf School

The T-Bay Approach to learning to Surf

The T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre offers the most comprehensive surfing lesson available in Ireland.   No other surf school can offer the facilities or the passion for teaching surfing here in Tramore or anywhere else for that matter.   Our facilities are the best in Ireland and provide you with a safe, convenient (the only surf school right on the beach in Tramore), and comfortable environment from which to begin your surfing oddysey!
Our aim is to provide you or your group with an initial surf lesson that gives such a solid foundation that it should be all you need to continue on and become a proficient Surfer through good old fashioned practice.


Begninners Surfing Lesson: 2 1/2 hours in duration and is broken up into 2 distinct segments:

Surf Talk  (1/2 hour) – Before anything else, we provide our surfers with an in-depth understanding of basic water safety, ocean awareness, equipment usage, and surfing techniques (entering/exiting the water, paddling, standing or “popping” up on a surfboard).  We utilize our media room for this portion of your lesson with white-board, video, and surf equipment to assist in your understanding of the basic principles of Surfing.  Techniques are practiced indoors on mock equimpment to ensure that you have a “feel” for the techniques taught to you.

Surf Session  (2 hours)

Next step is to “Suit and Boot”, and its out to the Surf to begin your adventure!   All of our Surf Instructors are fully qualified by the ISA (Irish Surfing Association), and will guide you and teach you great Surfing tips while in the water.  When your session is over, if you still feel like surfing, or want to come in for a break and go back out again, as long as the Instructor deems you to be safe in the water, we will allow you to retain the equipment and keep on Surfing until you are completely out of gas!  (Children who wish to stay out and surf more must be cleared for safety by the instructor and accompanied by an adult while in the water).

Frequently asked Questions regarding Surf Lessons:

Do I need to know how to swim?

Though the ability to swim will be necessary to advance in surfing, it is not required for a surf lesson.  All surf lessons take place in no more than waist depth water (beginner waves being in this range of depth).

How difficult is it to Surf Tramore Beach?

Tramore beach is an outstanding place to surf for people of all levels and abilities.  This is due to the fact that the beach itself has a very shallow gradient going out to sea.  What this means is that there are no steep drop-offs (depth-wise), and therefore, the currents are very mild and predictable, thus making it very safe for beginners.  The second advantage of a shallow beach is that it picks up loads of waves and creates several surf “zones” to suit different levels of surfers.  Waves on the “inside” zone are small and manageable for pure beginners.  Waves breaking in the “middle” zone suit intermediate surfers trying to challenge themselves further.   Waves breaking on the “outside” zone are suitable for more advanced surfers.  So, whichever you prefer…..there is always a safe wave for you to ride at T-Bay!

What do I need to bring?

All you need bring is togs and towel. The Centre provides you with all of the equipment you will need to enjoy your surfing experience.

Will I need more than one surf lesson?

The T-Bay Surf Centre prides itself on giving the most comprehensive surf lesson of any other school in the country.  Our aim is to give you the tools you need to be able to go out and take up surfing on your own after your lesson here.

How much does a lesson cost?

Pricing varies depending on lesson type, group size, or specific needs.  We look after our surfers and have priced our lessons (and facilities) to give them the best possible experience for their value. Where surf schools are concerned….never were truer words spoken than…”you get what you pay for”! If you are looking for quality instruction…to really learn how to surf…..and have great craic doing it…..this is the only place to be.
Where is the Centre Located ? We are directly accross from the beach adjacent to the Lifegaurd hut that is situated at the end of the promenade.  Just look for the sky blue circular building….you can’t miss us!!!

What if I need advanced instruction ?

We do have occasional requests for this from people who have already been surfing up to intermediate levels and are simply having difficulty getting to the next level they desire to. Or perhaps they have gotten new equipment and are not getting comfortable with the feel of a new (or different) surfboard, or a variance of surf conditions. For those people, we do offer a PROGRESSIVE LESSON. This lesson will review your own technique and critique and progress you from what you are “doing right now”. These lessons are more in-depth regarding surf theory, and usage of specific board types, etc.  Our senior instructors have decades of surfing experience and most have surfed world-wide….they have learned from the best….and..made all the mistakes themselves!  This helps them to relate concepts & ideas, and of course…share the stoke of striving to be the best surfer you can be out there in the water!

Call us at 051-391-297 or click here to book a lesson and begin your surfing adventure today!

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Ecology at T-Bay & Eco Centre

The T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre dedicates itself not only to surf instruction and surf etiquette, but also to ecological awareness and responsibility. The Centre is situated right in the middle of 4 distinct ecological zones,as well as nationally designated areas of protection which make it a perfect starting point for Eco Hikes in the area.

Designated Areas – The Backstrand & Dune Area of Tramore Bay enjoys three distinct area designations :


- “Special Aarea of Protection” for a variety of migratory and indiginous bird species that inhabit the area.


- “Special Area of Conservation” to protect fish, shellfish, fauna and water quality that tie in as food systems and habitat for bird and aquatic life.


- “National Heritage Area” established for preservation of the Neolithic Midden (Kitchen), once home to Neolithic Man within the Dune system.

Depending on preference and tide, your group might go out to learn about and experience one of the four following Environs unique to Tramore Bay :

Beach Environment:

Dune System :


Intertidal Lagoon:

Each environment exhibits its own unique characteristics as well as flora, fauna, geology and wildlife and leaves the Eco Hiker with a greater understanding and appreciation of the complex and fragile environments that are often taken for granted. Eco Hikes can be done in a casual “walk & talk” method, or a more formal “interactive” method depending on your group needs and/or criteria.

Weather on the coast is highly variable. It is suggested that your “dress for the day” on all Eco Hikes. Comfortable Shoes (that you don’t mind getting wet) and proper clothing for the day is suggested. “Weatherproof/Windbreaker” jackets are optimal, and sunscreen is recommended.
Eco Hikes are geared towards groups of 10 or more.

To Book your group, please call: 051-391-297 or click here

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School Tours

5 Pillars: Multi-Activity Day

(Primary/Secondary Schools)

T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre has developed a highly interactive and educational package for Primary/Secondary age School Children. Our Philosophy is to promote Mutual respect, as well as respect for the environment, through the fun sport of Surfing!  In addition, students will explore and learn from the interesting Natural Environment that is unique to the Tramore beach region.

Named after the legendary 5 Pillars that stand vigil over Tramore Bay’s Brownstown and Newtown headlands, our day Programme for school children focuses on 5 key Pillars of knowledge.  These are the key concepts we want our kids to take home with them after their day-long experience.


Safety, Respect, and Environmental Responsibility

All beach going activity should begin and end based on these solid foundations.  Therefore, our trained instructors teach children about water safety through being aware of the ocean environment, tides, currents, crowded surfing conditions, as well as the ‘buddy principle” which is strictly adhered to at all times.  Respect for the Centre, and others is discussed and expected at all times.
Finally, Children are specifically taught to pack or deposit all rubbish in bins.  Maintaining a clean environment for others is mandatory at T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre.



Under the tutelage and supervision of our trained Surf Instructors, children will discover the joys of surfing and maybe a little about there own capabilities in a new and challenging environment. In keeping with our foundation of Safety, the children will first be provided indoor instruction in the rudiments of surfing.

This will include a thorough explanation of all aspects of surfing equipment, basic surfing techniques, and water safety & etiquette (yes; it exists!).In addition, the children will participate in some brief indoor training procedures to insure that they understand the concepts and principles being taught to them.

Adding to the fun, brief clips of surfing footage will be shown depicting kids of all ages participating in the fun and healthy pursuit of surfing.Once the indoor workshop is completed, its time to suit the kids up (all wetsuits and boards are provided), and go for a surf!

* Surf Instructor/ child ratio is 1/8 (ISA standard). No child is without supervision at any time in the water.
* All Surfers will “buddy up” when crossing to the shoreline, or entering/returning to/from the water.
* At T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre, Safety is #1. Instructor’s directions will be strictly adhered to at all times.
* Children will not venture further than waist depth for safe surfing.
* Participants Need: Swimsuits, Towel, and a readiness to have fun!


ECO Walk

With our on-site ecologists sharing their passion of Tramore’s unique coastal environs, the children will come away with a concept of the importance of environmental conservation and protection that must be ingrained if they are to grow to enjoy beach activities while preserving its’ beauty for generations to come.

Once again, the children will begin this activity with an Eco talk. In this talk, the children will be made aware of the environment they are about to venture into. This discussion is designed to heighten their respect for the fragile dune system, and give them a greater appreciation for the flora, fauna, and wild-life that they may encounter along the way.

Once the Eco talk is completed, it’s time to get the kids out for a bit of exercise!

* Instructor to child ratio on Eco walk is 1/15.  Teachers are encouraged to participate.
* No child is to leave rubbish anywhere/anytime in this nationally designated (SPA) Special Protected Area.
* Children are strictly expected to pack their rubbish and deposit in bins when participating at T-bay.
* Participants Need: Warm clothes, and a Light Rain Jacket and good hiking footwear/runners.


Beach Games

It can’t all be about learning.  Some of it has to be for pure fun.  After all, it’s great to be a kid! With that in mind, our day programme includes a portion dedicated purely for (structured) games amongst the children.
Our staff have years of experience working in the outdoor pursuits, as well as adventure centre fields.  That expertise provides the instructors with a complete array of fun games for the children to enjoy.
Emphasizing laughter and fun, all kids are equalized in these interactive games.

* Games are designed to promote team-work, acceptance, and participation amongst all children involved.
* Everyone walks away a winner!



Review Session

As part of our highly committed focus to promote respect for both people and the environment through the joys of surfing/eco hiking/games, our 5 Pillars of learning programme ends with a comprehensive review session to round out our time together.
During this review, the instructors and children gather together to enjoy an interactive discussion.  In this review/discussion, the children themselves are encouraged to speak out themselves as to what they have gained and learned from the day’s experience.
* All children are encouraged to interact during review, ensuring that their views and ideas are heard.


We also offer certificate’s for the following:

Surfing- Level 1-3

A brief outline and course for Surfing & Ocean Awareness. ISA (Irish Surfing Association) approved.

CPR -  Basic CPR & Rescuscitation

Basic outline and course utilizing CPR/Rescusitation dolls for training. RLSS approved.

Weather Conditions

Surfing is a unique sport in that it is done in all types of weather throughout the year.  Modern wetsuits and booties provide excellent warmth so that the surfer can concentrate on having fun rather than worrying about the elements.   We even add surf hoods and gloves to the mix should they be required for further warmth and protection.  All surfers who come to the T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre to participate in surfing as an activity are properly “suited and booted” to provide for both comfort and safety while enjoying the water.  All equipement is provided and participants only need bring togs and towels for surfing.   Warm showers and Hot drinks from the shop await those as a reward for their adventure!  For Eco Hikes,  please have students “dress for the day”.

(Additional Information)


Your group has the option to pack lunches, or lunch can be provided for your group at 5 euro per person.  If a late afternoon snack is desired, an additional 2 euro cost per person will be added to the total.


Time of arrival or departure, as well as daily timetable will be discussed and can be tailored to your needs.


Time at T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre for activities generally will occur between 10am to 4:30pm.  Your group is encouraged to arrive at 9:30am to orientate.

Thank you for considering T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre for your Children’s development.  We hope that parents and teachers alike will see positive rhetoric, as well as behaviour result from their child spending a day at the beach with T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre.  We encourage both teachers and parents to stop by and look at our facility which is the only purpose built Surf & Eco Centre in the country.
Please call in and we would be happy to show you around.

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