School Tours

5 Pillars: Multi-Activity Day

(Primary/Secondary Schools)

T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre has developed a highly interactive and educational package for Primary/Secondary age School Children. Our Philosophy is to promote Mutual respect, as well as respect for the environment, through the fun sport of Surfing!  In addition, students will explore and learn from the interesting Natural Environment that is unique to the Tramore beach region.

Named after the legendary 5 Pillars that stand vigil over Tramore Bay’s Brownstown and Newtown headlands, our day Programme for school children focuses on 5 key Pillars of knowledge.  These are the key concepts we want our kids to take home with them after their day-long experience.


Safety, Respect, and Environmental Responsibility

All beach going activity should begin and end based on these solid foundations.  Therefore, our trained instructors teach children about water safety through being aware of the ocean environment, tides, currents, crowded surfing conditions, as well as the ‘buddy principle” which is strictly adhered to at all times.  Respect for the Centre, and others is discussed and expected at all times.
Finally, Children are specifically taught to pack or deposit all rubbish in bins.  Maintaining a clean environment for others is mandatory at T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre.



Under the tutelage and supervision of our trained Surf Instructors, children will discover the joys of surfing and maybe a little about there own capabilities in a new and challenging environment. In keeping with our foundation of Safety, the children will first be provided indoor instruction in the rudiments of surfing.

This will include a thorough explanation of all aspects of surfing equipment, basic surfing techniques, and water safety & etiquette (yes; it exists!).In addition, the children will participate in some brief indoor training procedures to insure that they understand the concepts and principles being taught to them.

Adding to the fun, brief clips of surfing footage will be shown depicting kids of all ages participating in the fun and healthy pursuit of surfing.Once the indoor workshop is completed, its time to suit the kids up (all wetsuits and boards are provided), and go for a surf!

* Surf Instructor/ child ratio is 1/8 (ISA standard). No child is without supervision at any time in the water.
* All Surfers will “buddy up” when crossing to the shoreline, or entering/returning to/from the water.
* At T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre, Safety is #1. Instructor’s directions will be strictly adhered to at all times.
* Children will not venture further than waist depth for safe surfing.
* Participants Need: Swimsuits, Towel, and a readiness to have fun!


ECO Walk

With our on-site ecologists sharing their passion of Tramore’s unique coastal environs, the children will come away with a concept of the importance of environmental conservation and protection that must be ingrained if they are to grow to enjoy beach activities while preserving its’ beauty for generations to come.

Once again, the children will begin this activity with an Eco talk. In this talk, the children will be made aware of the environment they are about to venture into. This discussion is designed to heighten their respect for the fragile dune system, and give them a greater appreciation for the flora, fauna, and wild-life that they may encounter along the way.

Once the Eco talk is completed, it’s time to get the kids out for a bit of exercise!

* Instructor to child ratio on Eco walk is 1/15.  Teachers are encouraged to participate.
* No child is to leave rubbish anywhere/anytime in this nationally designated (SPA) Special Protected Area.
* Children are strictly expected to pack their rubbish and deposit in bins when participating at T-bay.
* Participants Need: Warm clothes, and a Light Rain Jacket and good hiking footwear/runners.


Beach Games

It can’t all be about learning.  Some of it has to be for pure fun.  After all, it’s great to be a kid! With that in mind, our day programme includes a portion dedicated purely for (structured) games amongst the children.
Our staff have years of experience working in the outdoor pursuits, as well as adventure centre fields.  That expertise provides the instructors with a complete array of fun games for the children to enjoy.
Emphasizing laughter and fun, all kids are equalized in these interactive games.

* Games are designed to promote team-work, acceptance, and participation amongst all children involved.
* Everyone walks away a winner!



Review Session

As part of our highly committed focus to promote respect for both people and the environment through the joys of surfing/eco hiking/games, our 5 Pillars of learning programme ends with a comprehensive review session to round out our time together.
During this review, the instructors and children gather together to enjoy an interactive discussion.  In this review/discussion, the children themselves are encouraged to speak out themselves as to what they have gained and learned from the day’s experience.
* All children are encouraged to interact during review, ensuring that their views and ideas are heard.


We also offer certificate’s for the following:

Surfing- Level 1-3

A brief outline and course for Surfing & Ocean Awareness. ISA (Irish Surfing Association) approved.

CPR -  Basic CPR & Rescuscitation

Basic outline and course utilizing CPR/Rescusitation dolls for training. RLSS approved.

Weather Conditions

Surfing is a unique sport in that it is done in all types of weather throughout the year.  Modern wetsuits and booties provide excellent warmth so that the surfer can concentrate on having fun rather than worrying about the elements.   We even add surf hoods and gloves to the mix should they be required for further warmth and protection.  All surfers who come to the T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre to participate in surfing as an activity are properly “suited and booted” to provide for both comfort and safety while enjoying the water.  All equipement is provided and participants only need bring togs and towels for surfing.   Warm showers and Hot drinks from the shop await those as a reward for their adventure!  For Eco Hikes,  please have students “dress for the day”.

(Additional Information)


Your group has the option to pack lunches, or lunch can be provided for your group at 5 euro per person.  If a late afternoon snack is desired, an additional 2 euro cost per person will be added to the total.


Time of arrival or departure, as well as daily timetable will be discussed and can be tailored to your needs.


Time at T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre for activities generally will occur between 10am to 4:30pm.  Your group is encouraged to arrive at 9:30am to orientate.

Thank you for considering T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre for your Children’s development.  We hope that parents and teachers alike will see positive rhetoric, as well as behaviour result from their child spending a day at the beach with T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre.  We encourage both teachers and parents to stop by and look at our facility which is the only purpose built Surf & Eco Centre in the country.
Please call in and we would be happy to show you around.