The T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre was built by the (Tramore Bay) T-Bay Surf Club in 1999, and is the only purpose built surf centre in Ireland. The Surf Centre is home to both the Surf Club, and Surf & Ecology School. The unique two story circular design of the building is easily recognizable and is located directly across from the “Big Beach”. More importantly, the T-Bay Surf Centre is the only facility in Tramore that gives you immediate, SAFE, and easy access to the surf without walking far or evading traffic. The T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre also offers its’ users full amenities that no other Surf School in Tramore can provide.


Clean and tidy, the Centre provides multiple bathrooms to club members and users. Public access is not allowed.


Let’s face it, Irish weather is not exactly tropical is it?! And while Tramore does enjoy being in the “Sunny Southeast”, it is the modern wetsuit that really ensures warmth and comfort to surfers in the water year round.

After a refreshing surf session in Atlantic waters, the T-Bay Surf Centre is the only surf school in Tramore that offers Hot Showers to make changing back into dry clothes a much more comfortable experience for the surfer. At other venues, you might be facing changing outside in the elements or in basic shelter instead of enjoying a hot shower while changing indoors in comfort after your surf session!
Hot showers after surfing are especially handy for the youngsters who walk away from their surfing experience warm, happy, healthy and not put off by variable outdoor conditions. Our aim is for our surfers to walk away with a grin, not a cough and runny nose, as a reward for their surfing experience! Child safety policies are strictly observed at all times, as our surf school is a charter member of the Board Failte “Family Friendly” initiative.


Changing Room

The Surf Centre is the only school in Tramore where surfers can change in a clean, warm, well lit, dedicated facility before and after their surf session. Once again, Child safety policies are strictly observed at all times.




Media Room

Unlike other Surf Schools, the T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre provides a unique approach to teaching the skillls of surfing to both beginners and advanced surfers alike. Our media room provides us with the capability to Show instructional videos, demonstrate equipment and usage, and most importantly, to interactively practice the basic techniques of surfing within an indoor environment prior to hitting the surf.

Being indoors for this aspect of a surf lesson gives the instructor a greater toolset to break down and easliy convey the “foreign concepts” of this exciting sport to the complete novice, as well as further develop the understanding of advanced concepts and techniques to the more experienced surfer.
Through our many years of experience working and training with Irelands’ top surfers, we have found that conducting the initial aspects of a surf lesson in a dedicated facility greatly enhances focus on (and retention of) ideas to the learning surfer.

Our goal is to ensure that our students walk away with the highest quality instructive experience possible. No other surf school can provide its’ students with a facility completely dedicated to your walking away with the best possible learning experience you can gain surfing here in Ireland!



Before or after a Surf session or Eco hike, individuals or large groups can take advantage of our spacious deck to soak up the sun and sea breeze directly across from the surf. Enjoy a lunch, Tea or Coffee while recanting tales of your surfing heroics in a safe, fun and casual setting tailor made for surfers of all ages!



Surf Lounge & Balcony

If surfing is not on your agenda for the day, or you simply feel like relaxing before or after a surf session, feel free to head up the spiral stairs in the Surf Centre. Once there, you can observe surfers from our upper story observation lounge. Or why not step outside onto the balcony to breathe in the refreshing sea air? The balcony is the perfect place to take in the scenic beauty of Tramore Bay, spanning from Brownstown to Newtown Head and the Famous 5 Pillars that stand watch on their outer limits.




Irish Surf History Gallery

The T-Bay Surf Centre is the only facility in Ireland that provides its members and visitors with a unique gathering of fotos, information and memorabilia dedicated to educating those interested in Ireland’s unique and storied surf history. Come witness the evolution of surfing in Ireland through fotos, articles or even a life-size replica of Ireland’s first ever surf board; hand made by the man who rode Ireland’s first wave in 1949! There is something of interest here for surf enthusiasts of all ages to take in and enjoy!