Kids Camp

SAFETY, RESPECT, and most of all, FUN!

Those 3 principles are the key behind all kids camps at theT-Bay Surf Centre.


- Surfing is a safe and enjoyable activity for both kids and teens, but the ocean environment requires awareness and a foundation of safety and water knowledge is core to our teaching in all of our surf camps. . Our goal is to ensure that all kids that pass through our camps gain a practical knowledgebase  for aocean awareness and water safety that will serve them well with water based activity at the sea.


- Surfing is a highly individual sport in terms of challenge and growth. However, its growing popularity means that the waves are often shared by a wide range of people out surfing.  The surfing world has its own set of etiquette based on respect for others.  We believe that comes hand in hand with self respect and self confidence which is often gained through youngsters participating in this unique sport.   If your child is already athletic and involved in team sports, they will love the challenge of this new sport that is a fantastic aerobic training compliment to their other activities.  For the kids that tend to show no interest in team based sports, surfing often is highly appealing as they are able to pursue it as an individual and progress at their own interest level.  Often times, the child that shows no interest in team sports becomes an outstanding surfer.  With a foundation of respect for self and others,  all kids are likely to find a place of belonging out in the waves with other people sharing the same passion of surfing!


- Surfing in itself can be one of the most exciting experiences a person can have.  The thrill of the sport and involvement with the sea are sure gaurantees of fun for all participants in the sport.  However, in our surf camps, we open up the mind to the mysteries of waves, tides, currents, seasons, and the many types of surfing as well as the sports practice and place all around the world.  Surfing is a fantastic medium for encouraging self-confidence and provides a great sense of accomplishment for both kids and teens.  After water safety, the total experience at our surf camps is all geared around the kids having loads of fun.  So, the next time you find your youngsters indoors playing computer games or watching telly, get them involved in a camp that will get them involved in a sport that they can truly call their own!

Summer Camp for Kids & Teens

Summer Camps run from the first week in July to the last week in August.  Camps run from monday to friday, 2 1/2 hours per day.

Kids AM session – Kids ages 6-13 runs from 10:30am to 1pm

Teens PM Session – Teens aged 13-19 runs from 1:30pm to 4pm

Please note: Camps are booked on a first come, first serve basis.   To ensure your child has a place on your desired week, book as soon as possible.
contact : 051-391-297 or click here

Autumn & Easter Camps for Kids

Both Autumn and Easter Camps are geared primarily for local children from the Tramore/Waterford area (though all are welcome!), as a way to keep them outdoors and active during the winter months. The kids will surf (if the weather permits) as much as possible within the parameters of safety and comfort.  Full winter wetsuit protection which can include hoods, gloves and boots are provided as needed. If the surf is too big to permit water time (for safety reasons), the kids engage in various beach related activities such as beach games, eco hikes, or special visits or classes such as basic cpr (with actual resuscitation dolls to practice on) or emergency service personel visits such as coast guard, paramedics, or RNLI.

These camps also provide a great venue for the kids to learn more about the local ecology as well as environmental awareness and responsibility (which will be an ever-increasing factor in their generation).  Projects such as Sea Grass Planting and Beach/Eco art are great ways to get them involved in respecting the beach environment while stimulating their creative side.

Whether in or out of the water,  the kids always walk away from Autumn and Easter Camps with a great experience and newfound ideas and knowledge about the world around them!

If you are interested in getting your child involved in these camps, please call us to be added to the text list as dates and times can vary for these special camps and you will be notified when they are scheduled for each calender year.  Contact: 051-391-297 or click here to learn more about them.