Equipment Hire

The T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre provides full hire or surf equipment for both individuals and groups.  Minors must be accompanied by adults and for the safety of your child, consent forms must be filled out by a proper guardian before we will hire to any minor. Just walk into the centre and we will kit you out for a fun session in the surf. If you have a large group you are thinking of bringing to the beach with surfing as your planned activity, we will look after you and ensure you have a fantastic time.

Groups are encouraged to call a few days in advance to reserve larger numbers of equipment.  However, pairs or individuals don’t need to call in advance as we are happy to sort you out by just walking in!

The Surf Centre is open 7 days a week year round (with the exception of a few select days over Christmas or if the weather conditions do not permit safe surfing).


For safety purposes, as well as the ease of transitioning into this exciting new sport, we utlilize foam boards for hire. Our surfboards vary in lengths that suit children and adults. Our expert staff will fit you to the surfboard that will best offer you the opportunity of success out in the surf!

We offer standard Swell foam boards for their stability and ease of catching waves, as well as slick bottomed Alder boards for those surfers moving towards a more intermediate surfing experience.

The T-Bay Surf Centre offers quality wetsuits for hire. We stock both thick winter suits for colder conditions as well as summer suits for those days when the sun is splitting the rocks! No matter what, we want to make sure our surfers are as comfortable as possible when out in the water so that they can concentrate more on surfing and less on the varying conditions of the sea!
Hoods, Booties & Gloves

Surfing is year round in Irleand. With that in mind, we can provide the full compliment of a hood (Neopreme surfing hat), Booties (Neopreme surfing shoes) and (Neopreme) Gloves to make sure our surfers are as warm as they can be on those winter days!  Suited and booted from head to toe….you can practically dive off the polar caps with no worries without too much fear of cold water temps!

Boogie Boards

Boogie Boards are also available in both Adult and Children Sizes should you wish to hire them.
Rental Rates

We do have standard rates for equipment hire, however, we vary packages depending on group size and frequency, so call us and we will be happy to tell you our rates!