Surf Club

T-Bay Surf Club History

Kevin Cavey, the “pied piper” of Irish Surfing, brought modern surfboards to Tramore Bay in 1966.  The Tramore lifeguards and a few other local lads were excited from the start by this new craze of water sport. Many of those same people  (who surf to this day) were quick not only acquire their own equipment, but also to form their own surf club. So it was, that in 1967 the T-Bay Surf Club was formed. The club also holds the unique distinction of being Ireland’s oldest active surf club.

Over the years, the T-Bay Surf Club has continuously placed itself at the vanguard of the Irish Surf Scene.  Though not blessed as often with the massive swells you might see on the West Coast,  T-Bay does pick up a surprising amount of rideable surf throughout the year.  Because of this, over the years the T-Bay Surf Club has produced some of Ireland’s top competitive and free surfers, including Hugh O’Brien-Moran, Grace O’Sullivan, John McCarthy, Darren Twomey, Dave Blount, and Margaret O’Brien-Moran.

The Surf Club is not only the oldest active club in the country, but might be the most active as well! It is that type of Club involvement that helped to build Ireland’s only fully Dedicated Surf Centre (the T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre) right on the beach in Tramore. In 2006, the Club also established the Irish Surfing Hall of  Fame. The T-Bay Surf Centre now displays information on the history of Irish Surfing, classic fotos, and also unique memorabilia relating to the development of the sport here on Irish shores.  Each year,  Irish Surfing “Legends” are inducted into the Hall of fame and their name and foto are added to the walls of the surf centre.


T-Bay Surf Club membership not only gives you access to the  T-Bay Surf & Eco Centre’s facilities, but  also makes you privy to club events held throughout the year.  T-Bay Surf Club welcomes all people to join us, providing you respect the centre (keep it clean), and respect your fellow members in the line-up as well!
Many of the clubs founding members still reside in the region..and on the waves of T-Bay.  So, show respect for those that paved the way for what we all enjoy today by being a “solid” member both in and out of the H20. So, Strengthen our club.  Join “the tribe” today!

Juniors/Student – One Year Membership = 45 euro
Adult/Senior     -  One Year Membership = 65 euro